Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Image shows black soot covering a tile floor.

Fire Damage at an Assisted Living Facility

A Fire Damage at an Assisted Living Facility in the San Pablo neighborhood affected multiple units on the 6th floor. Unfortunately the fire started because a box of books was accidentally left on the stove during a move. By the time the Firefighters arrived, a fire storm had engulfed the main living areas of the apartment.

Photo shows part of a restaurant dining room with soot covering a table, a cooler, and a buffet line.

Fire at a Jacksonville Restaurant

A fire at a local restaurant on Jacksonville's Main Street affected every inch of the interior. SERVPRO had to clean everything from utensils and walls to tile flooring and cooking supplies.

Soot Damages this Ballroom's Ceiling in St. Johns

This ballroom's drop ceiling was affected by fire and water damage, 25 feet in the air, as a result of faulty display equipment during a trade show. SERVPRO of The Beaches/Ponte Vedra has the equipment to reach all affected areas. The chandeliers were full of water from the building's fire suppression system. The convention center's first priority was for us to dry them out and save them, even before drying out the carpet and walls.

Residential Fire Damage in Jacksonville Beach

Has Fire Damage left your home looking like this? SERVPRO of The Beaches/Ponte Vedra is here to help. We assess the damage, tear out heavily damaged and affected areas, clean and restore contents, and help you rebuild.

Electrical Fire Damages East Arlington Business

This electrical fire ripped through the bar of this east Jacksonville Entertainment complex in a matter of moments. Luckily no one was seriously injured. We have just begun restoring their facility and are looking forward to sharing progress photos with you.

Soot Coats Custom Ceiling Beams

When a fire breaks out, soot and smoke make their way everywhere, often helped by your HVAC system. Rooms where doors were closed, can often still be affected with soot. SERVPRO of The Beaches/Ponte Vedra is highly trained to remove soot and smoke damage from even custom and rare materials, like these driftwood ceiling beams.

Fire at an Oceanfront Home in Ponte Vedra Beach

A fire at this beautiful custom oceanfront residence in Ponte Vedra Beach was caused by a lightning strike. A fire broke out in the attic causing soot and smoke to enter the home. The fire department also caused water damage when they put the fire out. Usually, for this reason when a property has a fire they also experience water damage. Luckily SERVPRO of The Beaches/Ponte Vedra is trained to handle both.

Electrical Fire at Jacksonville Entertainment Complex

An electrical fire broke out at an East Arlington entertainment complex, heavily damaging the bar area and the roof. We have just begun this commercial restoration and look forward to sharing after pictures here soon.